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Pantry Sponsor— Kathleen Quick

This week’s Little Free Food Pantry sponsor is Kathleen Quick. Kathleen had this to say when we reached out to understand her motivation for donating to the Hope House, frankly, at every opportunity:

I am Kathleen Quick from Kinsale, Virginia. I am a homemaker and life long volunteer. We have a son and grandchildren in Greeneville, Tennessee which brings us to your area presently. We formerly lived in Blountville Tennessee for 11 years and are familiar with the region.
I have been aware of the need of people locally and of lesser circumstances since I was a very young child of approximately 2 1/2 loving in Cali, Columbia. The need there was great and each family adopted a family who in need and would help provide food, clothing and sometimes medical care for them. Being a lifelong Christian I am also aware of the moral obligation we have to serve and care for others. This is something we each need to search our hearts on . We are living The Word when we care for the least of these. Sadly the need has become greater and requires each of us to do our share. We cannot just blindly turn away.
My connection to Hope House is Heather Heist. I know her and her lovely daughter Ava and her lovely family through my family in Greeneville, Tennessee. Heather is a remarkable woman who lives her faith through action. It was my privilege to make a donation to your worthy cause. I will continue to keep you each in my prayers and donate as I am able.
I see your food boxes when I am in Parrotsville. I have observed the food boxes filled and emptied almost immediately. There is no question the need is great and growing stronger. These are difficult times for so many people. The question of caring for the homeless and the hungry is our road to Samaria moment in our neighborhoods, communities and the world. We cannot afford to turn a blind eye as the effects of homelessness are terrible. We must ask ourselves, “Who am I on that road to Samaria? Will I be the Good Samaritan or just turn a blind eye to those who are suffering? Am I my brothers keeper? Yes I am because for the grace of God go I.” Thank you each for all you are doing to bring awareness to your community and the surrounding communities to the epidemic of Homelessness that is occurring. God Bless you each.
Your fundraisers have been very worthy and I commend you each. Other thoughts might be a benefit concert, farm to table dinner, food truck event all with Hope House receiving a portion of the proceeds .

We are so grateful to Kathleen for her continued support of The Hope House. If you are able to do so, we hope you will consider donating to the Hope House of Cocke County by check or PayPal Friends and Family

Checks can be made payable to “Hope House of Cocke County” and mailed to:

PO Box 1019

Newport, TN 37822

For PayPal, our username is:

A donation of any size will make a big impact on our community.

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