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Hot Chocolate Bombs Fundraiser

We have a special request for our followers!

This is the last week to preorder hot chocolate bombs (Until December 15).

Our co-president, Heather, has been working on these nonstop as a fundraiser for the Hope House of Cocke County. Last year we sold over 1,000 hot chocolate bombs, and this year we want to do even better. We have so many projects in the pipelines right now, and as everyone is aware, this is a huge time of year for fundraising.

We need everyone’s help to kickstart next year’s activities with these funds.

There are several beautiful options for hot chocolate bombs— all of which can be shipped at cost.

The regular hot chocolate bombs are made with high quality chocolate and hot chocolate mix. They are decorated with a thin white chocolate drizzle. These are $3.50 each.

There are three high quality specialty hot chocolate bombs being sold by the Hope House this year. At four dollars each, we consider these handmade beauties a delicious way to support the Hope House of Cocke County’s goal of opening a homeless shelter.

We have a peppermint flavor available which is made with a white chocolate shell, and filled with hot chocolate mix and peppermint. This option has a red drizzle on top as a delicate pop of color.

The white chocolate mint variety is made with a high quality white chocolate, colored green, with dry hot chocolate mix and peppermint inside. This is our “Grinch” hot chocolate bomb. It even has a heart three sizes too small on top!

The white chocolate chai hot chocolate bomb is a white chocolate shell with a beautifully flavored spiced chai mix inside. These taste exactly like winter should taste.

We even have an option for the last-minute gifters out there: a sampler box of all four flavors for $20. This decorative box contains the four beautiful flavors available and truly does make for a lovely gift (with the added bonus of helping the homeless). There is a gift tag included for your convenience!

If you would like to order any of these gorgeous hot chocolate bombs from the Hope House of Cocke County, please reach out on Facebook or fill out this link to place an order:

If you would like to skip the hot chocolate bombs this year, but would like to donate to The Hope House, we hope you will consider donating by check or PayPal Friends and Family

Checks can be made payable to “Hope House of Cocke County” and mailed to:

PO Box 1019

Newport, TN 37822

For PayPal, our username is:

A donation of any size will make a big impact on our community.

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